The Beginning

My goal is to shed light on the taboo word of mental health. Everyone or at least in my experience has days, months or even years where something in your mind just feels off, I chose to push it aside for years and learn to live with it. I was quick to associate it with something in my life at the time that was causing the “offness” and assured myself it would leave as quickly as it came. Beside the fact that I was a man raised by a marine from the 50’s we are somehow brainwashed to think that men especially tough men dont show feelings and definitely dont have depression or anxiety. I hope you can learn from my journey as I paint my struggles of 25 + years and counting as I hope to learn from yours. Everyday is different but dont forget life isn’t a sprint it is a marathon so dont let the extreme highs/lows cloud your vision to find the best you, whatever that means to you personally. Come along and see my biggest failures and wins over the years and how I pieced together my ever evolving idea of mental health.